Over the past few years, the country has managed to significantly increase the share of renewable energy generation sources, and Turkiye does not plan to stop at the achieved results. Expected investment in development of RES in Turkiye before late 2023 - $10bn. In the coming years, there is a planned further significant increase in generation through solar energy - up to 53 GW by 2035 from 9.32 GW at the beginning of 2023, and through wind - an increase in the volume of wind generation is expected up to 29.6 GW by 2035 from the current 11.4 GW. Besides, Turkiye has a significant potential for hydropower generation due to its numerous rivers and mountainous terrain. The country is taking advantage of this potential to diversify its energy mix and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. In addition to the development of solar and wind energy, Turkey is also actively developing its hydropower potential, with plans to increase its hydropower capacity to 34 GW by 2035 from the current 29 GW.

Get more information about the potential of RES industry in Türkiye, as well as construction investment projects.


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What are the forecasts and new opportunities for the development of renewable generation in the region for the next 10 years?

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What investment projects for the construction of new energy facilities and expansion of capacities are already planned for implementation in the industry in 2023-2030?

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What successful project implementation mechanisms are being used to develop the industry in Türkiy?


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    "Renewable energy in Türkiye:
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